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Criminal Sexual Conduct Dismissed if Alleged Victim Doesn’t Show-up?

Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in Michigan can send you to Prison for the rest of your life.  You can even be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 25 years, such as in the case of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree involving someone under 13 years of age.  With so much gossip circulating about .. read more

Sexual Assault Accusers Who Change Their Story

As a top Metro Detroit Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense Lawyer, I dedicate a substantial portion of my practice to defending those accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct (“CSC”).  Understandably, those facing CSC charges are are put off by the fact that their accuser may, over the course of of the entire case, change their story – .. read more

CSC Lawyer – Most Frequently Asked CSC Questions Answered

In this article, Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense Attorney Brian J. Prain of PrainLaw, PLLC answers some of the most common questions asked by those facing CSC charges in Michigan.  Don’t see the answer you need below?  Call PrainLaw, PLLC at (844) CRIM-HELP or reach Brian directly at (248) 763-0641.  Let’s jump right into the .. read more

Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan – Related by Blood or Affinity

Sexual conduct with someone who is closely related to you is a crime under Michigan law.  Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in Michigan can become more severe if you are related to the alleged victim and they are “at least 13 but less than 16 years of age.”  Sexual conduct with a relative is commonly known .. read more

What is Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct? CSC 4 Definition

Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan (“CSC 4”) is a “high court misdemeanor” – the law calls it a misdemeanor, but it is punished like a felony.  The actual Michigan 4th Degree CSC law, MCL 750.520e makes it punishable by up to 2 years in State Prison.  This law is long, complicated, and difficult .. read more

Criminal Sexual Conduct – The Defense of Consent

Modern day sex crimes in Michigan are referred to as Criminal Sexual Conduct (called “CSC” for short).  In the old days, the only sex crime was called “rape.”  In the legal sense, “rape” meant sexual intercourse “by force and without consent.”  This was called “common law rape.”  Because part of the definition of rape was .. read more