Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct lawyer- What Charge Are You Facing?

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) charges in Michigan are often more serious than homicide.  Split into four “degrees,” Michigan’s Criminal Sexual Conduct laws include penalties as harsh as LIFE in Prison without the possibility of parole.  If you are convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct, the likelihood of going to Prison is very high.  Other consequences include having to register as a sex offender, lifetime GPS tether, HIV/STD testing, and more.  Even for the innocent accused, a CSC charge is the fight of your life.  Not every criminal defense lawyer has the skills, courage, and attention to detail to carry you through an experience like a CSC charge.  Call PrainLaw, PLLC, your Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct lawyer  right now for the free, no obligation consultation that will put you back on the path to freedom.

Here are the various charges that will require you may be brought up on:

First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC 1)

Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC 2)

Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC 3)

Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC 4)

Assault With Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct Involving Sexual Penetration 

Assault With Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree

Accosting, Enticing or Soliciting a Child for Immoral Purposes (Accosting a Minor for Immoral Purposes)

Gross Indecency

Child Sexually Abusive Material (and Child Sexually Abusive Activity)

Indecent Exposure and Aggravated Indecent Exposure

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