Assault Lawyer Brian J. Prain – Voted Top 10 Under 40
In 2014, Michigan Assault lawyer Brian J. Prain was voted one of Michigan's top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys under 40 by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys. PrainLaw, PLLC specifically concentrates on defending those accused of Assault, Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence, and other crimes involving an element of Assault.
Michigan Assault Lawyer
Proudly Featured in Hour Detroit Magazine
The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC is proud to be featured in Hour Detroit Magazine among the best of the best Michigan lawyers in the Greater Detroit area.
Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
Assault, Domestic Violence, Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC), and Resisting and Obstructing (R&O) Cases Always Have Two Sides
Assault, Domestic Violence (also called Domestic Assault), Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC), and R&O cases always have two sides. If you are being accused of an Assault, Domestic Violence, CSC, or R&O crime, it is important to contact an Assault and Domestic Violence attorney in Michigan to achieve the best possible outcome.
Michigan Domestic Violence
Excellence in Practice – Brian J. Prain Selected for Super Lawyers Magazine 3 Years In a Row.
Michigan Super Lawyers Magazine
Possible Jail or Prison Time
An assault conviction in Michigan can lead to Jail or even Prison time. Hiring a Michigan assault attorney can help prevent time behind bars and protect your future.
Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
Lawyer Brian J. Prain – One of Michigan’s “Top 40 Trial Lawyers Under 40”
A true defense never rests. Michigan Assault, Domestic Violence, and Resisting & Obstructing defense lawyer Brian J. Prain's tireless preparation and commitment to perfection in-front of the Jury have earned him a spot as one of Michigan's "Top 40 Trial Lawyers Under 40."
Michigan Top 40 Under 40
Brian J. Prain – 1 of Only 55 Trial Lawyers Selected Nationwide in 2013 to Attend Gerry Spence’s 3-Week Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming
Michigan Assault, Domestic Violence, and Resisting & Obstructing charges can be life-altering. Brian J. Prain has traveled across the nation to learn from the best of the best.
Trial Lawyers College
Your Future Background Check
A background check that reveals a misdemeanor or felony assault conviction can result in many missed opportunities. The outcome of your case can greatly impact your future. You can help protect your future by hiring an assault defense attorney with experience, knowledge and a passion for getting you the best possible outcome.

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Misdemeanor Assault and Domestic Violence

Considered the “less serious” type of assaultive crime, being convicted of a Misdemeanor Assault in Michigan will subject you to County Jail, rather than State Prison time.  However, even if you don't get locked-up for Misdemeanor Assault, the harshest punishment does not come from the Judge – it comes from your fellow citizens in your community.  Misdemeanor Assault is serious.  Hiring the right Misdemeanor Assault Defense Attorney can be the difference between living in an invisible prison and preserving your good name.  Crimes in the category of Misdemeanor Assault include: Assault ("Simple Assault"), Misdemeanor Assault and Battery ("A&B"), Domestic Violence ("Domestic Assault"), Aggravated Assault, and Aggravated Domestic Violence (Aggravated Domestic Assault, first offense).  Our special focus on defending Assaultive crimes, including Misdemeanor Assault, can help  protect your name, your future, and and your freedom.

Felony Assault and Criminal Sexual Conduct

If you are facing Felony Assault charges in Michigan, it is “the big time."  Every Michigan Felony Assault charge carries the possibility of actual prison time.  There is NO room for discussion – you need help, whether you're “guilty” or not.  It is a whole new ballgame, and a Felony Assault can send you to Prison, permanently cripple your future, and change your life's path.  Crimes in this category include: Felonious Assault (Assault With a Dangerous Weapon), Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer (R&O, Resisting Arrest, etc.)Assault With Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder, Assault by Strangulation or SuffocationAssault With Intent to Commit Murder ("AWIM"), Sexual Assault Crimes (Criminal Sexual Conduct) and others.  Any decision in your case may have irreversible life impact.  Don’t make these decisions in a Felony Assault case without our help!  Hiring the right Felony Assault attorney in Michigan can be the difference between Prison time and freedom.

Law Office of Brian J. Prain PLLC

Brian J. Prain is an aggressive, hardworking, no-holds-barred Michigan criminal defense attorney who spends every day fighting for everyday people who have been accused of Assault crimes. Hiring the right attorney for your Assault case can be the difference between protecting your future and name or going to Jail and severely damaging your future and name. Assault cases need an aggressive attorney who takes each situation personally. Brian J. Prain's past martial arts and athletic experiences fuel his vigorous style of advocacy in the courtroom while his artistic pursuits fuel his tireless hours of humble contemplation preparing for each battle. Being accused of Assault in Michigan is serious. Brian J. Prain is your the attorney who will be by you throughout the entire process and help achieve the best possible outcome.