Aggravated Assault

  • While Michigan law says that the injury must be a “serious or aggravated injury,” that is deceptive.  Michigan’s aggravated assault law is a very harsh law.  It is absolutely possible for the government to magnify your simple assault and battery charge into an aggravated assault charge just because the “victim” sought medical treatment.  The government does not even have to bring a doctor or nurse in to Court to prove that the medical treatment was actually necessary.  In other words, some arbitrary, non-educated, biased decisions made by the person who is accusing you can suddenly have you facing an entire year in jail, $1,000.00 in fines alone, probation, and a loss of quality of life due to a permanent record (much worse with a previous conviction).
  • Particularly if you are a man and the accuser is a woman, you had better believe that the Prosecutor will have a special “Victim’s Advocate” standing next to her and your accuser at nearly every Court hearing.  Let’s face it, the effect of this is to prejudice the Court into seeing you as a criminal before you even have a chance to defend yourself; presuming you guilty until proven innocent.