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Michigan Felonious Assault Attorney - Mandatory Jail Remand

Felonious Assault Defense This is going to be a brief one, but I realized I haven't blogged about this one before. If you're charged with the crime of Michigan Felonious Assault (Assault With a Dangerous Weapon), there is something you need to know. You already know the Michigan Felonious Assault Law, MCL 750.82, can send you to State Prison for up to 4 years. If that isn't reason enough to hire the right Michigan Assault Lawyer, consider this... If you are convicted of a Michigan Felonious Assault charge, even if your Sentencing Guidelines allow for Probation and NO JAIL, Michigan has a special law that says upon conviction, you must be taken to Jail immediately in most cases. MCL 770.9a says: "[a] defendant convicted of an assaultive crime and awaiting sentence shall be detained and shall not be admitted to bail unless the trial court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant is not likely to pose a danger to other persons and that section 9b of this chapter does not apply."
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If you go to trial and are found guilty of Michigan Felonious Assault, which is a violent crime by its very nature, it's going to be very difficult (if not impossible) to convince a Judge by clear and convincing evidence that you are not likely to pose a danger to others. The second part about "section 9b" refers to certain Criminal Sexual Conduct offenses for which bail can never be grand.
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The bottom-line: if you're convicted of Michigan Felonious Assault, you're getting locked-up that minute. Don't get convicted of Felonious Assault! Don't make the irreversible mistake of hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney who doesn't take their job seriously. If they wouldn't stay up all night mid-trial to perfect an argument or a cross-examination, they shouldn't have your freedom and future in their hands - PERIOD.

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