Michigan Domestic Violence Charge: Top 5 Reasons to Talk to a Lawyer Now

Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer Gives You 10 Reasons Not to Delay in Contacting a Lawyer.

If you're facing a Michigan Domestic Violence charge (also called Domestic Assault), you're facing up to 93 days in the County Jail for a first offense and more for repeat offenses or a Michigan Aggravated Domestic Violence charge.  Michigan DV sentencing laws get even tougher in April of 2013.  It's a really big deal.  Fortunately, at The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC, your Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer, we've never had a client facing a Domestic Violence charge go to Jail!  Still, we receive calls every day from anxious people accused of DV in Michigan who have waited until just days before their Pretrial Conference to realize that they need to contact a Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney who concentrates his practice on defending these charges.  Here are the Top 5 Reasons not to wait to make that simple call:

5.  At The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC, the phone call and initial 1 hour face-to-face consultation is absolutely free of charge, confidential, and will leave you feeling educated and more confident in your Domestic Violence defense strategy.

4.  It takes at least 21 days under the Court Rules to obtain "Discovery" of evidence from the Police and Prosecutors (Police Reports, videos, audio tapes, written Witness Statements, s0-called "Confessions," and so forth).  The time between your arrest/arraignment for a Michigan Domestic Violence charge and the Pretrial Conference is usually right around 21 days, if not less.  Without Discovery of the evidence in your case, you simply are NOT going to get the best possible Plea offer at your Domestic Violence Pretrial.  Yet many "criminal defense attorneys" outright neglect to get the evidence altogether - not even a single Police Report - and still want you to take a Plea deal.  Also, many Police Departments have policies that call for the destruction of favorable evidence to you before your case is even decided.  A skilled Michigan Domestic Assault Attorney knows how to avoid this problem.        

3.  If you are arrested for Domestic Violence in Michigan, you must be arraigned by a Judge or Magistrate - there IS no "Interim Bond" (i.e. the Police letting you out of Jail before you can see a Judge or Magistrate).  Even if you ask for a Court-Appointed Lawyer, that lawyer generally will not be present at your Domestic Violence Arraignment.  Without a skilled Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer at your Arraignment, the Court will enter a No Contact Order preventing you from ANY contact with the alleged victim.  If the two of you live together, guess what - you're going to be moving-out IMMEDIATELY!  Also, a No Contact Order as a term/condition of your Pretrial Release (Bond) will destroy your gun ownership rights under both Federal and State Law.  A skilled Michigan Domestic Assault Lawyer goes into the Arraignment with all of the ducks in a row, fully prepared to avoid these problems to the extent possible.

2.  Early access to the evidence against you is absolutely key to preserving your eligibility for things like reduced charges, agreements for NO JAIL, and keeping your permanent public record (CCH) clean and restoring your gun rights under MCL 769.4a, the Michigan Domestic Violence Deferral.  Sadly, it is not out of the question for some Prosecutors in Domestic Violence cases to engage in witness tampering and intimidation of the alleged victim via consistent veiled threats, CPS Investigations, and the like.  You have no access to the alleged victim because you likely have a No Contact Order.  But if your Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer is able to establish contact with and interview the alleged victim as early as possible, the likelihood that additional, false allegations of past Domestic Violence against them will surface.  These are very damaging (I have literally had alleged victims intimidated by Prosecutors into claiming that my client supposedly broke major bones in their body in the past, but they never went to the hospital), and they are admissible in Court under MCL 769.27b, whether or not you were previously arrested or charged.  Don't let these things happen to you!

1.  There is absolutely, positively, 100% NO ADVANTAGE to waiting to contact a Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer.  Your anxiety will only increase, access to important favorable evidence will only fade (along with witnesses' memories), and your chance of a NOT GUILTY at Trial or a favorable Plea deal decrease as each new day goes by.  This is YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR FUTURE.  Why wait another minute?

Call The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLCMichigan Domestic Violence Lawyer, immediately at (248) 731-4543 us to schedule a free, confidential, face-to-face consultation.  The consultation is free - the information is priceless . . .


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