Charged With Aggravated Assault? Act Immediately

undefinedAggravated Assault can result in one year’s jail time for you, $1,000.00 in fines, probation, and major blemish on your permanent record

Aggravated Assault is any assault that causes an injury. If you are convicted of Aggravated Assault, which is also called Assault and Infliction of Serious Injury, you could be thrown behind bars for as much as one year.

Even though Michigan law states that the injury must be a “serious or aggravated injury,” enforcement of the law proves that it is a bit deceiving. In Michigan, Aggravated Assault is treated very severely. For example, the government can amplify your Simple Assault and Battery Charge into an Aggravated Assault Charge if the alleged “Victim” received medical treatment.

In this scenario, the government isn’t even required to have a doctor or nurse appear in Court to testify that the medical treatment received was required. As a result, a biased decision made by your accuser could result in one year’s jail time for you, $1,000.00 in fines, probation, and major blemish on your permanent record.

The situation only gets worse if you are a man and the accuser is a woman. Often, the prosecutor will ensure a “Victim’s Advocate” will stand by your accuser at most every Court hearing to prejudice the Court into viewing you as a criminal before you've had the proper and entitled defense.

This is why you must seek out an experienced Aggravated Assault Attorney with the know how to challenge the prosecutor and properly defend your freedom. If you are facing Aggravated Assault Charges it is imperative that you contact a Michigan Assault Attorney immediately because this charge is often magnified to an assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder charge. If that happens you can be sentenced a maximum penalty 10 times greater for first offenders, even if you never physically laid a finger on your accuser.

Contact Prain Law, PLLC immediately and allow us to go to work for you and greatly reduce the likelihood of this result.


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