Domestic Violence: The Facts

We all cringe at the idea of domestic violence and the consequences and chaos it reaps on families, children, and individuals. Even the term has become associated with negative images of violence and disorder. However, many people don’t fully understand what exactly constitutes domestic violence and what does not. The Michigan State Police do not help this situation by using overly broad and general terms in describing domestic violence in their literature distributed to the public.

While it is true that it does not take much in terms of behavior to violate the Michigan domestic violence law, it is also important to understand that the mere presence of an argument in which heated words of anger were exchanged is legally insufficient for a domestic violence conviction under Michigan law.

Nevertheless, police and prosecutors seeking to overzealously enforce the law may seek to charge individuals who otherwise might be in need of counseling or other forms of help - but are certainly not criminals. These charges bring public shame and a defamation of reputation to the individual charged with domestic violence under Michigan law, and regardless of whether or not they are convicted, doubt and disapproval often continue to surround their name for years to come.

If convicted of domestic violence, you could face months in jail and have to attend anger management courses and a host of other conditions of probation. Moreover, a Michigan domestic violence conviction is often detrimental to a person’s future career, regardless of the circumstances of the incident. No one can afford to lose their livelihood and future because of a misunderstanding of the law and overzealous prosecutorial enforcement. With so much on the line, The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC is standing by, ready to articulate the best defense for you.


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