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Felony Assault Charges in Michigan – Complete Summary

Felony Assault Crimes in Michigan Summarized by Criminal Defense Lawyer Brian J. Prain, With Links to Detailed Information for Each Individual Charge. Michigan Assault Lawyer, PrainLaw, PLLC is a Criminal Defense firm that specifically concentrates on defending only those accused of Assault charges, many of which are Felony Assault charges.  DO NOT PLACE YOUR LIFE IN .. read more

Michigan Felonious Assault Attorney – Mandatory Jail Remand

Michigan Felonious Assault Defense Attorney Explains Mandatory Remand to Jail Upon Conviction for Felonious Assault. This is going to be a brief one, but I realized I haven’t blogged about this one before.  If you’re charged with the crime of Michigan Felonious Assault (Assault With a Dangerous Weapon), there is something you need to know. .. read more

Michigan Felonious Assault Lawyer – Will I Face Felony Firearm?

Michigan Felonious Assault Lawyer Brian J. Prain Talks About the Risk of Having Felony Firearm Added.  Felony Firearm is Mandatory 2 Years in Prison. The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC is your Michigan Assault Lawyer, a Criminal Defense firm concentrating specifically on aggressively defending those accused of Assault crimes, including Michigan Felonious Assault .. read more

Self-defense and Justifiable Homicides In Michigan

Self-defense killings in Michigan can have messy legal, psychological, and financial consequences. It is not a club you ever wish to join. Officially, 117 justifiable homicides were committed by civilians in Michigan over the past 10 years. And after digging deeper, there are even more, an MLive Media Group investigation revealed. (Related: Police Investigating Self-Defense .. read more