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Aggravated Assault NOT GUILTY Verdict in Michigan!

Aggravated Assault charges in Michigan are serious.  Michigan’s Aggravated Assault law, MCL 750.81a, states that a person convicted of this crime can receive up to 1 year in Jail.  What makes Aggravated Assault much more serious (about four times as serious, if you consider the possible Jail time), is a “serious or aggravated injury.”   .. read more

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Misdemeanor Assault Charges in Michigan – Complete Summary

As a Michigan Assault Lawyer, PrainLaw, PLLC is dedicated to spending every day specifically concentrating on defending those accused of Assault crimes, about half of which are Misdemeanor Assault charges.  DON’T RISK YOUR FREEDOM AND FUTURE WITH A “GENERAL” PRACTITIONER.  Call the Assault Experts and AVOID JAIL!  Metro Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney Brian J. Prain has .. read more

Domestic Violence & Aggravated Assault – George Zimmerman’s New Arrest

As a Michigan Assault Lawyer, I concentrate my Criminal Defense practice on defending those accused of Michigan Assault crimes, including Domestic Violence and Aggravated Assault.  In many Domestic Violence and Aggravated Assault trials, it is my job to make the issue of Self-Defense real for the Jury.  Naturally, I was very interested in the Florida .. read more

Michigan Misdemeanor Assault Sentencing… And Its Process!

Michigan Misdemeanor Assault Sentencing is Far Less Complicated Than Felony Sentencing… Here is a simple outline of the Michigan Misdemeanor Assault Sentencing Structure: 1.  When facing Michigan Misdemeanor Assault Sentencing you will be sentenced bye Judge when: You plead Guilty or No Contest to a Misdemeanor charge of Assault, Assault and Battery, or Domestic Violence .. read more

Aggravated Assault Defined In Michigan

What Makes a Michigan Assault “Aggravated”? At The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC, we concentrate our Michigan criminal defense practice especially on Assault crimes, and with our superior knowledge of Michigan’s Assault laws, we get results like no other!  If you’ve visited our website before, or if you’er facing a Michigan Assault charge .. read more